September 29th, 2007


Finishing The Game.


I'm assuming most of the people who read this here blog are already familiar with Finishing The Game. It opens in New York on October 5 at the IFC Center, and on the same day it will simultaneously be available ON DEMAND in 42 million homes in the United States through every cable and satellite TV distributor. The rest of the nationwide theater schedule goes something like this:

October 19th
San Francisco, CA / Landmark Embarcadero Center
Berkeley, CA / Landmark Shattuck

October 26th
Los Angeles, CA / Landmark Nuart Theatre
San Diego, CA / Landmark Ken Cinema
Minneapolis, MN / Lagoon Cinema

November 2nd
Salt Lake City, UT / Broadway Centre Cinema

November 16th
Philadelphia, PA / Landmark Ritz at the Bourse
Dallas, TX / Landmark Inwood
Houston, TX / Landmark Greenway
Austin, TX / Landmark Dobie
Seattle, WA / Landmark Varsity Theater

To learn more about the film and check out the trailer, click here. You can also stalk Rog in New York over the next couple of weeks via his blog. And if you happen to see him at a bar, buy him a pint o' Guinness and the dude will immediately rip off his American Apparel t-shirt and please you in ways only a strapping yet delicate & fragrant Chinese male can. I guarantee this.

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