October 11th, 2007


Why I Miss My Old Neighborhood.

Figured it's been a while since I posted a normal photo in here, so here's a pic from a friend's birthday dinner Tuesday night at Oiwake (The girlfriend didn't like how her hair looked so I was asked to crop her out). Not a single trace of drunkery, humpery or assery. For some reason Rog is towering over everybody like an Ent.


People ask me how I like living in Playa Vista since moving there a couple of months ago. And the first thing that always comes to mind is how much I miss the joints from my old hood.

I miss the spicy friend chicken wings at Furaibo.
I miss the teppan hamburger steak with cheese & gravy at Curry House.
I miss the Tan Tan Men at Ramen-ya.
I miss the kanpachi, albacore and uni at Echigo.
I miss Sasabune before it left its crappy digs on Sawtelle for Wilshire and lost its magic.
I miss the Hawaiian BBQ chicken at Ono.
I miss drinking Stoli on the rocks until I got buzzed enough to croon Me So Horny at Karaoake Bleu.
I miss Some Like It Hot at California Roll Factory.
I miss the herb-roasted pork chop and the stilton cheese that’s on top of the baby arugula salad at Nook.
I miss waiting forever for the kimchi soontofu at Tofu Ya.
I miss buying t-shirts at Black Market.
I miss checking out the cute artwork at GR2.
I miss the overpriced Guinness at Zip Fusion. I miss when it used to be Café Muse.
I miss the fresh spring rolls at Le Saigon.
I miss the baby squid steak at Terried Sake.
I miss the carnitas burrito at Benito's.
I miss the cha-shu ramen at Chabuya.
I miss the crunchy, zesty little cucumber side dish at Asahi Ramen that only contained three or four cucumber slices.
I miss flipping through all the cool art books that I never end up buying at Giant Robot.
I miss hanging out with friends at Lollicup after dinner until I got sick of boba (Speaking of boba, Paul reminded me of the very first boba joint on Sawtelle, Relaxstation, and the infamously hot 18-year-old girl who used to work there.)
I miss the chicken curry at Hurry Curry.
I miss looking to see where my name was on the whiteboard at Hide Sushi and thinking that I’ll only do takeout from there.
I miss the extra cup of garlic sauce at Zankou Chicken.
I miss walking aimlessly around the aisles, glancing at the neatly packaged fish, as my girlfriend picked out various Japanese snacks at Mitsuwa.
I miss finding it impossible to get full at Orris.

And these're just the places that were less than five minutes away. I could create an equally long list for ten minutes.

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