October 25th, 2007




This week we've been dogsitting the girlfriend's sister's Shitzhu, Bonjoo. The Ewok look-alike used to be a complete nightmare. He'd eat absolutely anything he could get into his mouth. He'd jump onto tables, even kitchen counters, and devour everything. One time they found a thumbtack in his turd. And he pissed and shat everywhere. After a couple years, he mellowed out a bit, but he's still got some asshole in him.

Tonight we came back home from the restaurant, and somehow he'd unloaded a week's worth of feces onto our kitchen tile. There were five - FIVE - piles of poo evenly distributed across the floor. My guess is he was pissed that we left without walking him (The girlfriend had planned on doing it after dinner). Did I say 'pissed?' He did that too, in the living room. Because we didn't catch him in the act, we couldn't properly punish Bonjoo. So we ate the bastard [Insert Korean joke here].


I am going to add to Bonjoo's shaming by posting this photo of his shower. It's amazing how hideously ugly lapdog types are when they're wet.

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