November 1st, 2007


Halloween Pic Of The Nephew.


Didn't go to a single Halloween party this time around. Instead I stayed home and inhaled an entire bowl of chili lime pistachios. This was then followed by me emptying an entire bowl of edamame. It's disturbing when I eat either of those two things in large quantities. The human part of my brain turns itself off, then my primitive brain kicks in as I quickly and efficiently devour legumes or nuts like a machine. When I regain consciousness, all that's left is a bowl filled with empty edamame husks or pistachio shells, along with a dead hooker and suitcase stuffed with cash. Rather than post a photo of that, I'm posting my second nephew pic of the week. Seriously, are eight-month-old babies supposed to be this big? My brother-in-law's pretty tall so even I was little surprised when I saw this photo. It's gonna suck when he's able to kick my ass before he enters kindergarten.

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