November 12th, 2007


My First Meteorite. My First Sydney Trip.

Was driving home at around 2 AM on an early Friday morning when I saw a fricking meteorite like the one in this video. My initial impression was that it was fireworks because of the intensity and colors. It blazed through the middle of the black sky, directly in front of me, and disappeared over the ocean. I've seen shooting stars before, but they now seemed tiny and monochromatic compared to the fireball I just witnessed. I was thinking of a particular something when I saw it. Hopefully it's a good omen.


For anybody who's visited or lived in Sydney, I'll be traveling to Australia for the first time this Friday. Will be heading over with Paul, who's got a timeshare pad there. Other than a side trip to the Blue Mountains to pickpocket kangaroos and learn the secrets of the universe from the wise platypus, we'll mostly be foraging around Sydney. I asked some friends who'd been there to recommend places and this is what I have so far:

1. Harbor
2. Zoo
3. Beach

Any more recos?

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