November 26th, 2007


Back From Australia.

This shot was taken at Katoomba Falls in the Blue Mountains. Paul's the master photographer of jumping photos.


Flew in this morning from Sydney, walked into my place, dropped my bags, and felt strange. It felt strange that I didn't feel strange, if that makes any sense. Normally when I travel and come back, my home feels foreign to me as soon as I walk in - as though I'd been gone for years instead of weeks. But not this time.

Maybe it's because time really flew on this trip. Maybe it's because despite the fact that they drive on the wrong side of the road, close all their stores at 5 pm (except for Shopping Thursdays), put beets in their McDonald's burgers, post wombat road signs, spread beer by-products on buttered toast, and have no ozone layer, Australia's not too different from us - so it's like I never left home at all. Or maybe it's because i tested my lactose intolerance on the plane by eating a cup of yogurt, which, a couple hours later, resulted in me practically sprinting into my pad before my ass exploded.

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