March 4th, 2008


Friday Night In 3-D.

I don't care what the government has told you, vodka does not taste better in 3-D. [Pics by the_paulk.]


I wish I knew how to quit you, 3-D.


Speaking of 3-D, there's a cool new download called PicLens that enables you to browse images more easily on Google, Flickr, and Facebook with a very nifty 3-D interface. It was brought to my attention by joie704, as she's doing an internship at the company, CoolIris. Back in '04 , young Jessica - who's from my hometown - came across this blog and asked me if she should go to Stanford. Now she's already a senior there! Lord knows what might have happened if she'd gone to an Ivy League school. Most likely she'd be a single-mom stripper by now.

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