March 10th, 2008


Thanks To Daylight Savings, I Can't Fall Asleep.


I was planning to spend Friday evening watching "Into The Wild" and "Gone Baby Gone" at home until I got a text from Paul asking me if I wanted to go to Social, because his coworker could spare us the time-consuming idiocy of waiting in line; so when my overworked girlfriend opted to skip Netflix night and go to bed early, I figured I'd muster the energy to go to one of my least favorite places on this planet - Hollywood on a Friday night - and pay the $15 valet parking charge and head inside Social, where I'd also meet up with Daniel, who happened to be heading over with Lifehouse after their concert at the Wiltern; and Lifehouse is probably the nicest trio of guys who happen to be rockstars and while I'd met them several times before, this was the first time I got to see them with their wives (except for Bryce - because the man figured the best way to take advantage of the fact that your band is popular with young females is to be single).


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