May 5th, 2008


Decision '08.

Friday night photos via the_paulk. Sweet Jesus, I am one haggard-looking bitch.


Around this time on a Sunday night, I'm in my bed, right about to hit sleep onset. Instead, I'm writing in my blugg ("Blog" sounds a tad gay for me, so I combined it with the word "thugg" to add more street cred.)

Tomorrow I have to make one of the biggest personal decisions in recent years. And after many agonizing days of trying to figure out the right choice, I still don't have an answer. Damn you, free will.

In an ideal world, the answer would come to me in a dream or a large dufflebag stuffed with Euros. Hell, I'd settle for a fortune cookie from Panda Express. In the end, out of sheer desperation, I sat down and attempted to quantify my life. I assigned numeric values to career goals, friendships, security, etc. I added all the numbers up, and still wasn't convinced with the final outcome. Then I asked my girlfriend's mom to contact her fortune teller. After that I will look deep into my golden retriever's soul and seek pure animal wisdom.

Tomorrow will hopefully bring some clarity. Then again, it could also throw blinding powder into my eyes like Chong Li in Bloodsport.

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