May 19th, 2008


Saturday, May 17.


As I've had done recent posts about Fridays, I've decided to dedicate this one to the past Saturday:

10:30 AM
- Woke up feeling turdish. This is what happens when you play Rockband and pound scotch at a friend's place until 5 AM. Note to self: Try to go to bed at a reasonable hour today.

1:45 PM
- I'm in fricking Buena Park. Buena Park, Goddammit! Have not set foot here in years. It appears that within that span of time, Buena Park has transformed into Bue Na Park: Everything's Korean here.

2:30 PM
- I'm at one of Daniel's mom's Vision 21 art schools speaking to several dozen Asian parents and high schoolers about why advertising is an okay profession and parents shouldn't disown their children for choosing it.

6:45 PM
- While driving back home on the 105, I see a Camry flip over in the carpool lane, back over front, right in front of me. I swerve out of the way, barely getting clipped by a loose bumper skidding across the lanes. The driver's fine. How this happened on the straightest freeway in LA is beyond me.

7:15 PM
- I tell myself I'm going to take a quick 30-minute nap before heading over to a group dinner at Hop Li.

8:15 PM
- I wake up. I walk the dog for a long time, because the bastard won't take a dump. Finally I give up and rush to the dinner.

9:50 PM
- I leave the dinner and head to Area for Diana's birthday.


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3:00 AM

- Rockband.


5:00 AM

- Finish playing and head home. Ted, a Rockband virgin, proudly shows off his guitar blood blister.


5:30 AM

- I walk the dog. He finally poos. I go to bed at 6 AM.

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