May 22nd, 2008


Multiple Choice Question.

Late starter. But I'm slowly getting hooked on this fricking game.


The purpose of this entry is to help clarify this entry and this entry as quickly as I can, because my ass is tired.

Basically, after I decided to leave my agency, I received three offers from other agencies: two in LA and one in SF. The SF agency was probably the best fit for me both job-wise and career-wise ... if I planned to stay in advertising for the rest of my working life. But LA's where almost all of my close friends and half of my family lived. And it made the most sense for me if I didn't plan to stay in advertising.

There was a fourth choice. I strongly considered taking a year off and happily meander all over this strange little planet. Just venturing from village to village, city to city, country to country - to my heart's content. Because in the end, that's all I really, truly want to do. For now anyway.

Except now isn't being spent doing that at all.

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