May 30th, 2008


The Genghis Khan-Quest Begins.

Thanks to paternity test results, I discover that Diana and Paul are my children.


I've never been to a Lakers playoff game, so you can imagine how chuffed I was when I finally went. To top it all off, the Lakers came back from 17 down and beat their old (literally) nemesis - the Spurs - to win the series and get to the Finals. Complete strangers were high-fiving each other, and the streets of downtown were filled with honking cars.

Then I went home to pack. How anticlimactic is that?

Tomorrow morning I fly off to Beijing. After a few days there, we head up to Mongolia for some raping and pillaging - or as I call it "The Genghis Khan-quest." Then, after all my friends head back to their homes, I may probably stop by Seoul for some rest and relaxation. Because that's what Seoul is known for: peace, tranquility, and a complete absence of alcohol.

Damn, gotta wake up in four hours. Why can't I fall asleep? Might as well post some party photos.


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