September 2nd, 2008


100 Things to Do Before You Die.


This life is a short journey. How can you make sure you fill it with the most fun and that you visit all the coolest places on earth before you pack those bags for the very last time?

The above excerpt is on the back of a travel guide titled "100 Things to Do Before You Die," which was co-written by a guy named Dave Freeman. He died last week at the age of 47 - by which point he'd completed about half of that list. I guess he was right about life being a short journey. His, sadly, was shorter than most. Then again, he lived more in those 47 years than most do with double the lifespan.

His death has been on my mind a lot lately. He actually worked at my agency at the time of his death, but I never met the man. So I can only assume it's because he was an ad guy who loved to travel - like me. And, like me, his significant motivation for experiencing as much of the world as possible was the brevity of human existence.

My best friend called me last night right after his first child was born, and somehow we ended up talking about how short life was ... so I inevitably brought up Dave Freeman. And here's the thing: I don't constantly tell myself that life is short. Because let's face it, that's just depressing as fuck, and being depressed all the time kind of defeats the purpose of telling yourself that life is short.

I do find myself saying "life is short" when people ask me why I travel - and when I feel I need a wake-up call. And not surprisingly this year, I've been saying "life is short" a lot lately. I'm just not sure I've really woken up yet.

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