October 26th, 2008


Can't Believe It's Been A Month.


Sorry for the month-long hiatus, Livejournal. What'd I miss?

The girlfriend finally comes back from Korea tomorrow after being gone for almost six weeks. Seeing as how the won turned the entire country into a 40% off sale, I shudder to think how much stuff she's lugging back from Pusan. I may have to rent a U-Haul truck to pick her up from the airport.

I realize also that her absence more-or-less coincided with my absence from LJ. I just wasn't home that often. And when I was, I was walking the dog, catching up on my backlog of TiVo-ed shows, or asleep. Even my Netflix movies have been gathering dust on a shelf for weeks. I've never been separated from the woman for more than three weeks; so if I had any shred of energy at all, I'd do what I could to not be alone at home. It's like I was single again. If it weren't for the dog, I'd probably only be home to sleep, shower, and pick up my mail.

And what was I doing when I wasn't home? I'd post pics from the past month, but you can see several of those on my Flickr account. Or you can just check out last night's pics from my friend's birthday. Same thing.


From Paul's camera.


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