February 23rd, 2009


First Night In Tokyo.

Taken on the last night of my last trip to Tokyo in '06.


The irony is that the last time I was in Asia, I got my ass kicked by jetlag and was the living dead at 11 PM. By 3 AM, I was in bed. Well, this time, I'm writing a blog entry at 6:16 AM in Tokyo, and I'm still very much wide awake on my first night here.

When I arrived at the hotel 10 hours ago, Daniel wasn't in the room; so I ended up having my first meal in Japan where I had my last meal in Japan. I then met up with him, some music industry people, and a tiny girl who makes her living by taking famous people to clubs. Tonight being a Monday, all the places that the tiny girl took us to were either dead or dying. In the end, we just headed to the 24-hour maze of retail insanity that is Don Quijote and wandered the aisles of pink vibrators, breast-enhancing massagers, $15,000 Rolex watches, Hello Kitty alarm clocks, and rubber Obama masks.

After that we bought a bunch of liquor and headed back to our hotel room. Now it's 6:35 AM and I'm watching the morning sun feebly trying to punch through the gloomy curtain of clouds as commuter vehicles scamper through the ocean of buildings below.

Sleep is a pain in the ass.

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