May 7th, 2009


Cinco De Mayo Pics.

Wow. Moving was an extraordinarily painful process. I don't recommend it for anybody. However, I do recommend the macaroni and cheese at this Hollywood restaurant called Cafe des Artistes. And I don't even like mac and cheese. A friend had her birthday dinner there specifically for that reason. That's her on the far right. If the birthday girl hadn't been visiting LA all the way from Tokyo, I'm not sure I would've driven across town to Hollywood during rush hour on Cinco de Mayo. If she'd presented it as an option, I would've cut off a small toe and mailed it to her as a birthday gift instead.


After dinner, we somehow ended up at Origami Bar in downtown. I ran into David, whom I hadn't seen in ages. He and a group of friends had created a comedy theater group called Propergander several years ago. But after a good run, they discontinued the group, and he's now going to film school. They did work on a short film, though, which was entered in the recent VC Filmfest. It's called Blueberry:


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