June 2nd, 2009



Some guys sang "Total Eclipse of the Heart" at Bleu last night, so I suppose it was excellent timing that I came across the "Literal Video Version" of the song after I got home. This song will always have a special place in my heart, because when I DJ'ed my junior high school dance, I ended up playing this song at least eight times.


This past weekend was fairly busy. Friday night was a very impromptu guys night out, which ended up with us driving through some really random parts of LA downtown, before we anticlimactically settled for Velvet Room. This is where I had one of my finer moments as a wingman, when I informed a girl that I had AIDS - and was then subsequently cured by my brilliant doctor friend.

Saturday was my girlfriend's niece's second birthday. I had to drive deep into the heart of San Gabriel Valley for the party, plowing through horrific traffic along the way. I'm quite certain there's a chapter about this in Dante's Inferno. What really made the trip worth it, though, was that the girlfriend's brother-in-law was BBQ-ing. Mother of God, the man knows how to grill his bovine and swine. Every time I go to his barbeques, I inevitably end up gorging myself with enough red meat to constipate a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Sunday was the big day. That's when Paul and I finally finished our 133-page screenplay. Appropriately enough, we celebrated the completion by drinking scotch at the place where it began: Bleu. That's where we decided on a story while getting hammered on Macallan. It's a first draft, of course, so we'll have to do one or two major rewrites ... and come up with a title.


My friends, Daniel, Daniel, and Danny, also had a big weekend. They not only revamped their company's Website (Future Rockstars of America), which features an online magazine & clothing store; but they also moved into their new HQ. The crazy part is besides working there, they'll also be living together in the loft. It has all the makings for a zany sitcom - all that's missing is the little girl they're forced to adopt when they find her anonymously left on their doorstep.

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