June 22nd, 2009


A Wedding And A Birthday On A Saturday Night.


Life has been a bit more hectic than usual lately, but that's summer for you. Everybody suddenly wants to party. These photos are from a single evening last week: a friend's wedding, which was attended by the mayor of San Francisco of all people, and a friend's birthday, which was attended by the king of tequilas.

Work-wise, things have gotten more heavy as our agency's other, much huger automotive account lost both of its creative directors in the past few weeks. So until we hire their replacements, that account's temporarily being run by the group creative director and me ... and the group creative director's been on a two-week vacation. I've been emphasizing the word "temporarily" with everybody at the agency. Because while my coworkers have somehow seen this as an opportunity for me, I've only seen it as tripling my duties. And I'd prefer to have some spare brain matter left at the end of the day to work on rewriting the screenplay.

But enough about work. At least there's Rio de Janeiro in mid-July.



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