December 1st, 2010


From Twitter 11-30-2010

  • 01:44:26: @all2swift @kristenmie is available. I may register the domain name simply for being brilliant.
  • 01:45:48: @loveMelo Self-induced concussion aside, hope all is well!
  • 02:21:31: @kristenmie @all2swift A few years from now, there will be a Social Network 2 about & this night will be the opening scene.
  • 02:30:12: @loveMelo I haven't gone foreign since Tokyo sadly so looking @ Seoul (if it's still there), Bali, NZ, Nepal, or Cuba. U doing LAXmas?
  • 02:32:19: @kristenmie @all2swift You can choose whomever you want to play you. As for myself, I've always been partial to Don Cheadle.

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