caffeineguy (caffeineguy) wrote,

72nd To Canal.

If you haven't seen it already, Rain and his friend Logan poured all of their blood, sweat, and tears into an online sitcom called 72nd to Canal. The end result is a giant bowl filled with a sickening mixture of bodily fluids next to the dried-out corpses of Rain and Logan. You will vomit and weep (and - in Alex's case - masturbate) at the same time. In all seriousness, I think the show's concept is brilliant; and most of you who are familiar with Rain know the hairless genius can write. The rest of the episode can be seen on the show's site.


Then again, everyone on Livejournal has Rain on their Friends list, so you've probably seen the show. So for you people, here's a Japanese commercial selling a beer for kids. Kanpai!

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