caffeineguy (caffeineguy) wrote,

Seoul Is Enjoyable.

Hello LiveJournal. Wish you were here.

I've rarely had a Tuesday night that was this entertaining despite every attempt by my old nemesis Windsor to annihilate me. For those not in the know, Windsor is the low-end scotch here in Seoul and the last time I was in town, I was startled to come across something this evil in liquid form - it truly is some rancid-tasting shit. Makes Crown taste like 18-Year Macallan. I never thought I'd cross paths with it again in my lifetime, but tonight I lifted a shot glass to my lips, nearly gagged, and immediately recognized the diesel-like flavor. But despite its attempts to vanquish me, I eventually prevailed ... even if everybody else didn't.

I'll go into more detail about the Manila trip later, but I was impressed with the warmth of the brown people. Sure, there were metal detectors and armed guards at the entrance to our hotel, the malls, restaurants, fricking everywhere. But it truly is the happiest country in Asia. If I could, I'd give the entire nation a group hug.


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