caffeineguy (caffeineguy) wrote,

September? Fricking Again?

Wow. Can't believe summer's over already. At least brains are now in season.


Some friends/acquaintances (all three are named Daniel) became possessed by the entrepreneurial spirit and started a lifestyle brand called the Future Rockstars of America. Officially launched September 1st. I could try to explain the concept to you, but as I am neither hip, cool nor jazzy, I'll just paste one of the founders' site description below. Please help these poor Koreans out and spreadeth the word:

Focuses on remarkable people doing remarkable things. The launch issue includes: Xavier, musician/producer/activist, Erfan, poet/rapper from Iran, rock band Drowning Pool, my favorite band on Geffen, Lifehouse, world renowned graffiti artist, asian-am hip hop trio, Far East Movement, feature of the Warped Tour vs the Zune Show, The Pink Spiders, and As Cities Burn.

Daily blog consortium of over 20 writers, hipsters encompassing photographers, DJ’s, indie band members, fashion & arts

Every month or issue, a unique and limited edition apparel line is created only available for that month and in limited quantity.

Check out the blog, feature articles and this month’s clothing and help spread the word.

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