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Charlie's Vegas Bachelor Party.

Wow. The last time I attended a bachelor party in Vegas with over 30 guys, I was the one organizing it. Several years later I found myself at another Vegas bachelor party with 30 male genitalia crammed into a mega-limo, but thankfully I was merely a participant this time around.


As you can see it was one big orgy ... of gambling. For those of you expecting an explosion of drunken debauchery, sexual depravity, and Mongolian archery, I'm sorry to say that this was a very mellow weekend.


The only real sin was committed by our bellies, although the Australian lobster tail and Kobe filet with Hudson Valley foie gras was disappointing.


Good company, good food, and good banter about our nation's health care system. That's what a bachelor party is truly about. Who the hell needs alcohol or exotic dancers to have a good time? Not us.


This photo is as wild and crazy as our antics got, ladies and gentlemen. Anyway, the movie The Hangover came out the same weekend. And as we no longer had the stomach to gamble on Sunday afternoon, we ended up watching it. Somehow goddamn Google Maps told us the nearest movie theater was two miles away at an AMC theater on Las Vegas Blvd. We assumed it was on the Strip, but what we didn't realize was that Las Vegas Blvd is really, really long and that Google Maps is filled with lies. One $30 cab ride later, we ended up over 10 miles away at an extremely depressing, giant casino in the middle of nowhere that happened to have a theater inside. After watching the film, I'm happy to say it bore very few similarities to our Vegas bachelor party. One of the main characters was a dentist - we had several dentists in our group. There was a cute baby - almost all of the guys in our party have babies. They found a tiger in the bathroom - we snorted cocaine off dead prostitutes while masturbating with Tiger Balm.

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