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As you may or may not know, last year my baby sister found out she had ovarian cancer. The news itself tore us open. Would’ve been the worst day of my life, except that over the next several months, she was able to fight back like a champ and beat it.

And she was able to do it with the help of doctors, nurses and other medical staff who were able to provide her with the treatment that, simply put, saved her life.

To this day, my family and I consider each day to be a gift. It’s a gift because ovarian and breast cancers usually don’t have happy endings. Because there are too many people out there who can’t do anything but watch as their mothers, sisters or wives slowly die right in front of them.

But the odds of surviving get better all the time, because of those people in white lab coats who slave away in labs trying to find more effective ways to cure this …

And that’s where the 10th Annual Revlon 5K Run/Walk comes in. For the past nine years, they’ve raised millions for cancer treatment research, and have drawn hundreds of thousands of participants for the events. This year - May 3 for NYC / May 10 for LA - an estimated 60,000 people in each city will be running or walking in union against women’s cancers.

Here’s how you can join: Just click here to go to the Revlon Run/Walk site and register for the event.

And you don’t have to participate in the event to contribute. You can also make a donation or sponsor anyone you know who’s taking part – it all comes down to money after all. Click here to donate online.

And if you don’t have any money to donate, you can always donate a wheelbarrow to carry my out-of-shape ass to the car when I collapse from heat exhaustion (They should’ve called it the Revlon Run/Walk/Crawl).

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