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The Internet Is Evil. Get Off It Now.

My friend Chin just emailed me this article ...

Wrong Woman Named As Bryant Accuser, Family Hires Lawyer

(Eagle, Colorado-AP) -- If you've found out who Kobe Bryant's accuser is by looking on the Internet, you may have the wrong information.

The family of a woman who was wrongly identified as the accuser has hired a lawyer -- hoping to keep her image from being circulated on-line.

It started with two photos of the wrong woman -- including one in which she was with her school's dance team. Since then, some Web sites have altered photos to put that woman's face on nude bodies. Others are calling her all sorts of profanities.

There are similarities with the real accuser. The two women have the same first name, and attended the same high school. One was a cheerleader, the other was on the dance squad.

The lawyer says someone "put two and two together" -- and "came up with five."

She says the family isn't looking for any money -- they "just want this to stop."


Onto other Kobe news, a coworker told me that the dude got his wife an eight-karat purple diamond ring. He probably thinks it's a $4 million apology; but I'm thinking it's more like a $4 million reminder to his wife that her husband fucked another woman.

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