caffeineguy (caffeineguy) wrote,

Tut Tut.

So I've decided to postpone my Egypt trip. Not because of work. Not because none of my friends would go with me. Not because I thought al Queda would try to crash a plane into my hotel room. No, it's actually dumber than all of that.

Stanford basketball.

The Egypt trip was supposed to use up my carryover vacation days from last year, which expire by April. Hence I was planning on going the second half of March. Then, earlier this week, I realized something, "March ... Oh shit, March Madness."

Granted, Stanford's been #1 twice in the past few years, so it's not like a once in a lifetime event. Plus each of those times, they've choked and never even made it to the Final Four as they did in '98. Hell, maybe I've even jinxed them by writing this.

But the Pyramids, the Sphinx - those guys have pretty much remained unchanged for the past dozen centuries. Unless the Sphinx's head suddenly falls off or they open a Pottery Barn inside one of the Pyramids, I figure they won't change between now and next year. But Stanford: Lord knows when they'll ever be this close to winning it all.

So instead of spending the latter half of this month walking amongst the dusty golden pillars of Karnak, my ass will be planted in front of the TV, probably tearing my hair out and screaming obscenities and loving every minute of it.

I'm still aiming to hit Egypt either this time next year, or even as soon as April. I figure in the mean time they can find the missing guy at Abu Simbel. His three buddies may not show it, but I think they really miss his head and torso.

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