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This little girl, Alex, just blew me away.

Two days before her first birthday she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer that's fatal in about 40% of cases.

At the age of four, Alex decided to do something to make that cure more likely. She opened her first lemonade stand in July of 2000 with the idea of donating the proceeds to "her hospital."

The family wondered how many glasses she would have to sell at 50 cents each to raise significant money. The family tried to dissuade Alex so she wouldn't be disappointed. "I don't care. I want to do it anyway," she told her mother.

The word got out, the local media covered the story, and people turned out by the hundreds to help. And in July 2000, Alex had raised $2,000 for cancer research.

When a friend of hers from the hospital, 5-year-old Toireasa Barry, lost her battle with neuroblastoma, Alex opened another lemonade stand in 2002. She raised more than $15,000. The money went to an endowment fund, Toireasa's Dream, to support pediatric oncology research efforts at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

As of last Thursday, she's raised over $300,000, thanks to growing major media coverage of her story. Incredibly, all this time, she's been continuously undergoing chemotherapy. Those familiar with chemo and its effects know how amazing it is that this 8-year-old girl has had the strength and energy to do all this.
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